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Welcome to N-E-M-O, the Nautilus Engineers & Mechanics Order.
Here at The Order, we have a "religious" devotion to the fantasy submarine Nautilus as depicted in the Walt Disney motion picture "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea".

Our function is to archive as much information as possible about the Nautilus and to freely share this information here in the research library with all who wish to study and learn.

You can be a part of this research library by contributing what you know. Sharing any information, blueprints, movie stills, hero photographs, magazines, etc. that you have acquired will be greatly appreciated. Did you have the good fortune to have talked about the Nautilus with Tom Scherman or Harper Goff? If so, we would love to archive your memories, stories and letters. Have you built a Nautilus model? We would like to preserve these stories as well.

Enjoy the library!!!    Ty "babynuke" Bumgardner  Head monk in charge.